NZDF Sustainability

Ka muri ka mua – we will walk backwards into the future.

Tuku Iho - to pass on what we have received in at least as good as, if not better, condition than we received it. 

Our living legacy is the enhancement and protection of the Defence estate’s natural, financial, manufactured, intellectual, social and human capital. Sustainability must underpin all that we do to ensure a fit-for-purpose estate for our personnel to live, work and train. It is our responsibility to ensure we are regenerating the Defence Estate to support our future work force.

The integration of our sustainability vision, Tuku Iho, in all aspects of our organisation improves NZDF’s ability to achieve our capability, information, people and relationship outcomes.  

Our work should support the Living Standards Framework, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and other government initiatives and legislation – the Climate Change Response Act 2019 and Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori 2016.

Climate change 
Please read the following documents for further information on NZDF’s response to the climate crisis. 

The Climate Crisis: Defence Readiness and Responsibilities

Responding to the Climate Crisis: an implementation plan  

Taumata Whakapūmau Taiao | Sustainable Infrastructure Standards
As of 1 March 2021, NZDF is implementing Sustainable Infrastructure Standards for all new and retrofit projects on the NZDF estate. Please read the following document for further information on how to apply the Standards.

Taumata Whakapūmau Taiao | NZDF Sustainable Infrastructure Standards 2020 

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