Fit to deploy

Health and Wellbeing Centre

New Zealand Defence Force personnel must be physically fit and able to be deployed on military operations, sometimes at short notice.

At RNZAF Base Auckland, temporary fitness training facilities were only ever meant to be a short-term solution, and were short on space.

A new gym will be part of a health and wellbeing precinct that also includes a new Aviation Medical Unit.

Our Force Fit app helps get new recruits started, before they undergo their basic training. 

Key facts:

  • 1400 individual fitness tests per year
  • More than 1100 regular users

Aviation medicine unit

Air Force Aviation Medicine Unit Opened, 9 June 2017

Aviation medicine training, human performance R&D, support for aircraft accident and flight safety investigations and for military air operations are carried out at our new Aviation Medicine Unit.

Our hypobaric chamber, the only one of its kind in NZ, means air crew can experience the aviation environment before they fly.

In the chamber they can

  • equalize their ears on ascent and descent
  • train using life support equipment
  • experience rapid decompression or hypoxia so they learn what it’s like

Training includes minimising risk of accidents from physiological stressors such as

  • G forces
  • changes in pressure
  • fatigue
  • diminishing oxygen levels