Camps & Bases


Woodbourne is a joint civil/military airfield operated in conjunction with Marlborough Airport. Some 165 ha in size, and with one paved runway and two grassed runways, Woodbourne is one of three RNZAF bases in New Zealand.

Located 8km west of Blenheim the base has strong social and economic links to the Marlborough community.

The base is divided in two by State Highway 6 and is nestled among farm land and vineyards. It is primarily used for training new recruits, carrying out initial officer training, and trade and command training. 

Maintenance and repair of aircraft airframes, engines and avionics systems is also part of the work at Woodbourne where around 450 personnel are based.

Maintenance works over the next year include the refurbishment of the Base HQ Building and No. 3 Hangar airside office and upgrades to other buildings onsite. 

Construction of six new accommodation huts at Dip Flat Training Area is being undertaken by New Zealand Army engineers.