Camps & Bases


Trentham Military Camp was a canvas camp when it was first established in 1914 to train Kiwi soldiers for WWI. The first wooden huts were built there in March 1915. Today, the camp has several hundred buildings of varying ages and hosts many logistics and support functions for the New Zealand Defence Force.

The command and control centre for NZDF operations worldwide is based in Trentham. The camp is the home of the NZ Army’s Trade Training School. Defence leadership and officer training for Navy, Army and Air Force is also carried out at colleges on camp. A command college for officers of Major equivalent rank also takes students from other government agencies and the Asia Pacific region.

The NZDF archive is based at Trentham Military Camp and has the 1.5 million personnel files for New Zealanders who have served in our armed forces.

Recent developments include a state-of-the-art dental centre, and a new purpose-built building to house Network Enabled Army communication testers. The long-term development of the camp includes improved barracks, headquarters and workshops.