Camps & Bases


Papakura Military Camp was established in 1939 and is situated in a semi-rural area near Papakura town centre. The camp is the base for New Zealand’s Special Air Services (SAS) and support services.

In April 2016, a specialist training facility was opened – a sign of things to come for other parts of our Defence estate and facilities. The Battle Training Facility replaced a 30-year-old building that was no longer fit for a modern day New Zealand Defence Force.

The new facility, built to world class standards, will be used primarily by our SAS forces but can also be used by other government agencies with a security role including the NZ Police Special Tactics Group.

Building work is expected to get underway in 2017 on a number of projects at Papakura Military Camp. These include visitor accommodation and 24-bed barracks, a dental services centre and medical centre, multi-purpose gym and physiotherapy centre, a low cost vehicle shelter and regional transport office.

Later, a logistics facility and squadron hangar will be built. Planning includes building a multi-purpose training facility at Ardmore, with construction possible from 2023. Accommodation will be built so that units from outside the Auckland region can spend time training there.