Camps & Bases


Located 22km north-west of Palmerston North and 17km west of Feilding, Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Base Ohakea is one of three RNZAF air bases in New Zealand, and around 1000 staff work there. Its main runway is the third largest in New Zealand, at 2437m long.

The base covers an area of 320ha and is the home of our A109 and NH90 helicopters, and T-6C Texan aircraft.

There are state-of-the-art facilities at RNZAF Base Ohakea, including a new purpose-built training facility for No. 14 Squadron. Eleven T-6C Texan aircraft, pilot training simulators, instructors and support staff are based there. The simulators, or Operational Flight Trainers, have a replica of the T-6C cockpit and a high resolution visual database that provides 3D modelling across a virtual New Zealand environment.

In one year, there were 33,500 air movements at RNZAF Base Ohakea with that figure rising now that our T-6C Texan aircraft have taken to the skies. An air movement can be a take-off, landing, or missed approach, in either visual or instrument conditions.

On our A109LUH simulator, we carry out 1200 training hours a year while other users also clock up over 150 hours on the flight training device. 2400 training hours a year is the planned number of training hours for our Texan T-6C Operational Flight Training Device.

Over the next few years we’ll invest in safety measures including flight line fencing to make sure visitors to base are kept away from flight areas. Roofed refueling areas and improved waste storage facilities are also planned as we strengthen safety and compliance.