Camps & Bases


Land to build Linton Military Camp was purchased by the Government of the day in 1941 and in February the following year, the first tents arrived on site followed six months later by prefabricated huts.

Today, Linton Military Camp is the main operational hub of the New Zealand Army and 2000 personnel are based there. Major units from 1 (NZ) Brigade are based in Linton along with other units.

Upgrades to facilities at Linton Military Camp continue. 

During 2020/21 the camp’s perimeter fence will be completed as will the NEA Capability Integration Centre.

Water course and storm water network realignment work will be carried out and other improvements will be made to improve safety for personnel on the Camp. 

The Duty Centre will be refurbished and construction of a new CLP Maintenance Support Facility will start.

Long term plans include new medical and health facilities and new barracks.