Camps & Bases


Land to build Linton Military Camp was purchased by the Government of the day in 1941 and in February the following year, the first tents arrived on site followed six months later by prefabricated huts.

Today, Linton Military Camp is the main operational hub of the New Zealand Army and 2000 personnel are based there. Major units from 1 (NZ) Brigade are based in Linton along with other units.

Projects to upgrade facilities at Linton Military Camp include multi-purpose unit facilities and an ammunitions storage facility with work on these projects expected to get underway in 2018.

Among the first improvements will be new workshops, warehousing and vehicle shelters, which are included in the programme of works due to begin in 2018/19.

Construction of a new camp headquarters hub, which will incorporate both the formation headquarters and those required to run the camp on a day to day basis, and a 'village square’ at the heart of the camp are expected to get underway in 2019, for completion the following year.

New medical and health facilities will be constructed, with new barracks provided over time.