Camps & Bases


Devonport is the home of the Royal New Zealand Navy. With Devonport Naval Base located near the picturesque seaside village, near central Auckland city, the Navy is a significant feature of the local community. 

Devonport Naval Base is organised into several key sites including its waterside South Yard where the fleet, servicing for the fleet and other supporting operations are located.

The base has a rich history, having been there since 1841. Some of its old buildings are not in good condition. Prefabs that were put in place temporarily have now been there for some time. Buildings need modernising, within the confines of a limited footprint.

Scattered functions across the base also present a challenge for designers and planners. They have to be creative when land area is limited. The answer may be intensifying for more efficient use of the existing land area by going 3-5 storeys high.

All new buildings will also aim for high sustainability ratings to improve energy use.

There is an indicative programme of works with construction soon to begin on a number of projects to improve facilities on the base. Construction is due to get underway in 2017/18 on small boat storage and a wash down area, as well as a ship loading area.

Construction on a five-storey carpark and office buildings could start in 2018, while construction of a small boats maintenance workshop and dockyard workshops is planned to get underway in 2021/22.