Camps & Bases


Burnham Military Camp is the largest Army camp in the South Island, with around 1300 people working there. It is located 28km south of Christchurch. It was established in 1923 and was rapidly developed to support NZ’s contribution to WWII. At the time it was envisaged the camp would last 15-25 years. While the camp has evolved over the years, its form and function has been largely based on 1940s planning and it is now in need of capital investment. 

The camp played a pivotal role in the devastating Canterbury earthquakes. At that time the main dining mess fed 3000 people at a sitting.

Better catering facilities are among the plans for improvements at Burnham Military Camp.

The first noticeable improvements will be new workshops, warehousing and vehicle shelters.

Other works in the pipeline include improvements to power and water networks on camp so that reliable heating and hot water can be provided throughout the camp. In 2018, work is due to get underway on a health and rehabilitation centre and in 2019 on a goods distribution centre as well as camp workshop facilities. Work is likely to get underway on new barracks in 2020 with a completion date in 2022.

Work on an armoury extension is in the pipeline to begin in 2021. Construction work on an auditorium/conference centre, training centre facilities and a weapons effect training simulator is in the pipeline to get underway in 2022.