Water upgrades for Burnham and Tekapo

March 11 2019

An upgrade of Burnham and Tekapo military camps’ water supplies is underway. 

Drilling of a new 200 metre deep potable water supply well has begun at Burnham Military Camp, while at Tekapo Military Camp general works have started to replace the camp’s old water storage tanks.

The upgrade at Burnham will lower nitrate levels in the drinking water at the Camp to almost zero.  A new water treatment plant which will, for the first time, include UV treatment prior to chlorination and fluoridation, and a 1000 cubic metre water storage tank are also being delivered as part of the upgrade.  The work is due to be completed and ready for commissioning in June.

The general works at Tekapo will see the replacement of the camp’s old water storage tanks, the addition of secondary chlorination and preparing the camp for the delivery, installation and commissioning of a containerised water treatment plant, which like Burnham, will include UV treatment.  The general works are expected to be completed by the end of May.

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