Linton Water Course Project Update

February 03 2021

The first stage of the Linton Watercourse/Stormwater diversion started last week. A section of the current watercourse (between Barrowclough Road to just upstream of the Manawatu Prison culvert) was cleared of weed overgrowth. During this time a team from Te Ao Turoa Environment Centre (Rangitāne) searched for any fish, caught up in the cleared weed overgrowth, after it was placed to the side of the drain.  In addition, electro fishing was undertaken in the cleared area to gather any fish left behind - this method temporarily stuns the fish and they float to the surface where they can be netted. 

Blowing all expectations, 92 short-finned eels were found within this short ~250m stretch of drain.  The eels were weighed and measured (as required by the project’s resource consent), before being translocated to the nearby Kahuterawa Stream.  The Eel lengths ranged from 150 to 630mm, indicating that a number of migrations have occurred into the drain.

Following the fish relocation, the flow of water from this section of the drain was diverted to the new watercourse and culvert, meaning the cleared section of the current water course is now redundant and due to be infilled. A second section of drain (between Fosters Road and Barrowclough Road) will be diverted in early February and again will require fish relocation to be completed before the diversion takes place.

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