Gym hall key to design of new fitness facility

August 02 2019

A new gym has been opened at RNZAF Base Auckland.

The new facility features a basketball court approved to international standards, seating for around 460 spectators, and weights room, sports exercise equipment and rehabilitation areas.

The building boasts sustainability features including 72 solar panels designed to provide 30 percent of the gym’s daily electricity requirements as well as a grey water system.

The gym has an impressive 900 sq m main floor with telescopic bleacher seating for 318 spectators and a mezzanine area with another 150 gallery seats.

The facility also has an external climbing wall.

The main gym hall was the key driver for the design as it needed to have sufficient space for sports events with spectator seating. 

The contract for the facility was awarded to Southbase in May 2018, with construction starting in July that year.

By the numbers

  • There is a basketball court which has been approved to international standards
  • About 610 m3 of concrete was used in the foundation
  • The gym floor is approximately 900m2 out of a total net floor area of about 2100 m2
  • There are 1350m2 of activity spaces that include a weights room, sports hall, viewing gallery area and rehab areas.
  • There is telescopic bleacher seating for 318 spectators
  • A spectators gallery and mezzanine area can accommodate another 150 people
  • There are 24 showers, 10 toilets, six offices and two rehabilitation spaces.
  • 72 solar panels on the roof provide up to 30 percent of the facility’s daily electrical needs
  • A 25,000 litre rainwater retention tank will help reduce peak drainage flows and provides all greywater requirements

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