Army band on the march

May 22 2019

The New Zealand Army Band will be able to make beautiful music in a new building at Burnham Military Camp following a unique collaboration between Defence Estate and Infrastructure, the School of Music and 3FDSQN engineers.

The building had previously been used as a kohanga reo by the Ministry of Education and a boxing club which knocked down walls and left holes in the floor from their equipment.  NZDF project manager Tyler Langley scoped up the project for reoccupation by the Army Band with Major Graham Hickman, Musical Director of the Army Band and Major Kenny Long, Commanding Officer 3FDSQN.

“The project had minimal funding and would not have been possible without this collaboration. DEI supplied the materials, 3FDSQN supplied the tradespeople, a contractor designed and supplied the acoustic panels, and DEI Maintenance supplied new flooring,” Tyler says. 

It was unusual to have so many stakeholders on such a small project but it worked well.

“It requires a bit more management but means we get a bit more for our money.  I really enjoyed working on this project and developed quite a good working relationship with Major Kenny Long.  The band has started using it and really enjoy the facility and we have saved around $20K.”

SSGT Nick Johnson, Senior Instructor at the School of Music says the new building allows the Mutual Assistance Programme space for both classroom and group performance and solo activities to work concurrently.

“It has been fitted to a high level of acoustic standard that ensures our OSH obligations are upheld which will also benefit the NZAB when they require additional rehearsal areas.”

The refit will also allow 3FDSQN to reoccupy parts of the HQ previously unavailable to them.

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