ACE Award for NZDF for PFAS investigation

December 10 2020

NZDF and Pattle Delamore Partners (PDP) were presented an award at the ACE NZ (Association of Consulting and Engineering) awards, in recognition of the outstanding performance of the PFAS Investigation Programme. The programme was recognised by ACE NZ as outstanding because of the novel nature of the contaminant (for which scientific knowledge was sparse), the scale of the investigation and community engagement, and the time-sensitive nature of the project. 

 As lead consultant for NZDF on the PFAS investigation, PDP identified that groundwater and surface water at an RNZAF Base was contaminated with PFAS, associated with firefighting training.  At the time, NZDF was the only local organisation known to be investigating PFAS contamination. DEI Environmental Services recognised the potential for PFAS contamination to affect other camps and bases, including the potential for impacts to private drinking water supplies, and worked with PDP to form a nation-wide response to the issue. This included development of specialised sampling methods, later adopted by the Ministry for the Environment, and training of contaminated land consultants within the industry in their use. The programme enabled NZDF to quickly respond to an issue of social, political and media interest, and of significant concern to the potentially affected communities.


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