Our Mission

Regenerating our estate

Over the next two decades we’ll see a regeneration project like no other in New Zealand, with the biggest ever renewal of our New Zealand Defence Force camps and bases now underway. 

We have a first-class New Zealand Defence Force, and to be the best we can be we need the right tools for the job – and that includes our infrastructure buildings and facilities.

Over the next few years, you will start to see real improvements to the places you work, train, and live. Safety improvements feature early on and then the diggers will start on larger projects to upgrade our camps and bases so that we have modern, fit for purpose facilities to help us fulfil our military roles so that we can continue to defend and protect New Zealanders and our neighbours.’’

- Chief of Defence Force, Lt Gen Tim Keating, MNZM

We’ve embarked on a project unlike any that has gone before. We’re regenerating our estate so that our Defence Force can operate more efficiently and effectively. Our footprint of camps and bases will remain the same – but it’s how we modernise, that will be different.

We’re building a better future - one with better infrastructure, better camps and bases, and better workplaces for our 14,000 military and civilian staff so that we continue to protect and enhance the security of New Zealanders and our neighbours.